ABSA’s Finance Team (established 2012) is a student organization at The University of Texas at Austin. We strive to develop our member base by encouraging active involvement and providing individualized mentorship, helping our members grow their finance skills, and preparing them for recruiting in a variety of industries. 


stock pitches

All members participate in a number of stock pitches each semester. Pitch teams will choose a stock and build out theses supported by financial analysis and models. Each team is led by an experienced member, and pitches are critiqued by the team and considered for individual portfolios. Additionally, many finance team members choose to apply their skills and knowledge to compete at competitions held throughout the year.


market watches

Each team member sends out a biweekly market watch detailing market movements and analyzing news events related to global markets. Through this exercise, the team stays up-to-date on current events while developing analytical skills. Market watches are also sent out to alumni, allowing them to comment as well as stay in touch with current members. Market watches act as a discussion forum to encourage critical thinking outside of meetings.



Personalized mentorship is an important part of Finance Team’s culture. Each incoming member is assigned a mentor to guide them through their first year on the team. Mentors help with individual instruction on fundamental accounting and finance topics as well as recruiting and other relevant career advice. In addition, upperclassmen are available on an as-needed basis to help with technical topics or industry-specific knowledge.


team culture

As a smaller team, we are active outside of our official meetings as well. Find us grabbing food between classes, studying together, organizing social events, meeting up with alumni, or debating non-finance related topics on Slack. We look for individuals who are committed to becoming an active part of a close-knit community and enjoy having fun just as much as learning finance.



financial education

Finance Team hosts a bootcamp each semester to teach accounting and finance basics to new members to prepare them for team-related activities. Our Slack channel allows for informal discussion on a variety of market trends and industries, complemented by alumni participation. We encourage frequent participation and use Slack as a valuable learning tool for our members.


weekly meetings

Our weekly meetings include a lesson taught by an experienced member on a specific financial concept or industry-related topic. Past lectures have touched on energy modeling, volatility, semiconductors, options, media and entertainment, cryptocurrency, and Indian demonetization. All of our meetings are open to the public.